Sunday, November 7, 2010

Modesty International

So, I am dressed tremendously modest today. Lilac said I looked like I was Amish. I was going for a more Russian-y school girl look. Well, I ended up playing up the Amish part and had Peach take pictures as I was cutting apples for my mom's apple cake.

This first picture is from in the car as I was driving through a parking lot in fact. Probably not a good idea but there was this fog that had settled in the soccer field and I thought it looked way neat. The picture doesn't show it very well. The spots are from my car windows which are quite dirty and the fog is the white line just above the grass line and below the tree line.
This first picture has a hair piece I made. It's so pretty but I don't have enough hair to keep it on so I gave it to Peach for her birthday. It's made out of a piece of felt for backing, feathers, a bottle cap, beads, and a hair clip.

Collared White Shirt: Thrifted. Long Wool Skirt: 2nd Hand. (The shoes I had on earlier were my beige heels that I wear too often)

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