Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marvin and Bow

Marvin and Bo are nuts that my friend and I got from a tree on campus. They were fantastically spikey but then they dried up and the chestnut popped out. :D

My tie bow I made using scrap fabric from a dress that I re-did. I saw a cute picture of a girl with a tie bow and it inspired me to do my own. My sleeveless collared shirt is kind of like a hand-me-down from a lady at church. I've got a bunch of other ones to wear except I think our heat wave is over in a few days. :'(

You can easily make a tie bow with any kind of ribbon or fabric or thin scarves. They can be really long, down to the waist of the pants or short like a bow tie. Tie them onto a collared shirt all buttoned up and you are sure to get a compliment on your creativity. :D

Sleeveless striped top: friend from church. Tie bow: scrap cloth. Purple shorts: Thrifted. Ballet flats: OldNavy

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