Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair cut and wrap skirt.

I cut my hair on Saturday! and I am pretty proud of it. I will probably run faster now with less weight... plus my hair doesn't bounce into my eyeballs anymore! yay!

This skirt is an extra large dress that really doesn't fit right so I turned it into a wrap skirt. It felt a bit poufy but I suppose it doesn't matter now. I wore blue checked overalls the rest of the day... I had pictures but I accidentally deleted them before I had made copies. I will take pictures of the outfit another day when I wear them again.

I am so ready for summer when I can run around with overalls, tank-top, and sandals!!! aah... I a sooo ready for you, summer!

plus! I just signed with a college for running!! So, no more stress 'bout that!!

Crocheted sweater: Thrifted. Black Velvet Dress: Thrifted. Woven Belt: Bass. Wrap dress (worn as skirt): church giveaway. Brown shoes: Goodwilled

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