Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonder woman

Yesterday was the oh-so-great annual church giveaway. My sisters and I helped out in the morning and before we left we ended up filling a huge box with stuff. By the time we were going through things then no one was around looking at stuff so I didn't feel so bad grabbing everything I wanted. We ended up with two pairs of shoes, two bags, one majorly obese person's stretch pants, and a bunch of shirts. Lilac and I also found these really cute old books. They were a Reader's digest book of shortened stories that looked like they weren't ever opened. I also found this old green swirly looking picture frame that is fantastico.

I probably won't end up posting this week at all (not as if I ever do), but even more this week because I am making it "wear tennis shoes to school" week. I felt that I may have a mild eenie weinie bit of shin-splints so to be wary I am wearing tennis shoes to school.

Have a great week!!

Striped dress: Thrifted and redone by me. Red necklace: Thrifted. other necklace: From japanese grandma. Shiny pants: Thrifted. "Wonder woman" belt: church giveaway. Blue checked heels: church giveaway. Bag: church giveaway.

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