Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry for my lackage of posts, I think I am just going to post on Sundays, unless I have extra time in the morning. I seem to wear a lot more boring clothes to school and they are not "togged to the bricks" so they are not blog-worthy. Except now that I have said this I probably will have more posts, because life just works that way for me.
Thank you to all my viewers thus far. Even if you don't care that I spend 10 minutes each day... in front of my closet... staring at my clothes... trying to find an outfit that you haven't seen yet. Because I do not have an unlimited supply of clothes, I gotta get creative.

I also haven't been giving much credit to my lovely photographer. All photo credits are to Peach (not her real name) my 'lil 5th grade sis. I used to have to tell her, "make sure the top of my head and the bottom of my feet are in the frame." Still, though, she would chop off my head, but she has certainly improved.

Grey blazer: thrifted. Blue vest: thrifted and re-done. Black velvet strapless dress: thrifted. flower print skirt: thrifted. Gold belt: church giveaway. Gold kitten-heels: Church giveaway.

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